Skeletal Fitness DVD: A Workout for your Bones

Skeletal Fitness DVD: A Workout for your Bones

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This one-hour bone healthy exercise video can help people with low bone density and osteoporosis to maintain or improve muscle strength and flexibility. This exercise program provides a total body workout led by leading exercise expert, Mirabai Holland, M.F.A. It also includes a 10-minute information section featuring the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s Clinical Director, Felicia Cosman, M.D. Skeletal Fitness is a comprehensive workout that focuses on parts of the body most commonly affected by osteoporosis.

The video’s six sections include:

  • Rhythmic Warm-up
  • Upper Body with Hand Weights
  • Stretch Pull and Twist with Towel
  • Isometric and Wall Resistance
  • Lower Body Bone Loading Exercises with Optional Ankle Weights
  • Stretch and Relax for Flexibility and Body Awareness

Very important: This video includes exercises that are done on the floor. If you have trouble getting onto the floor, you may want to work with a physical therapist to learn how to do these exercises safely. If you are frail, have broken a bone or are at high risk of breaking a bone, this video may not be for you. Be sure to get permission from your doctor or other healthcare provider before beginning this or any other exercise program.

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